Truck driver idiots

Day in and day out we often get terrible drivers on our roads, drivers are becoming impatient, roads are becoming more jammed and an ever increasing amount of people have tighter time constraints.  Roads and congestion have taken years of neglect from both state and federal governments, population is growing rapidly and more and more vehicles are moving on our roads.

Truck drivers are taking more risks on our roads, combine this with poor common sense and also drivers not following road signage is what causes traffic havoc on our roads.  Each time a truck driver forgets to lower their hydraulic lift trailer before driving, disobeys the speed limit or disregard height restriction signage it can cause significant delays across the state that can take hours to clear.

Hundreds of consumers trust car transport companies to move their car on a daily basis so when you have a truck driver that has not been background checked; it can be a major concern for any trucking business. They can become a huge liability and without adequate liability insurance, all of a sudden the actions of one incompetent truck driver can bring down a reputable business of any size. There are essential steps towards gaining a heavy vehicle licence, by completing drivers education at a reputable provider ensures that new drivers joining the industry are ready for the demands of our roads.

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